Todays when I got up I am very excited because today is  first day I will stay with my host family.when I took a shower and have a breakfast finished we all go to pack the things up and make sure everything is clean and we don’t forget anything at the school.After that we go to play a snow and jedi is very annoying me everytimes.however I think he is so cute .around 12.00 my host family comes to get me at school.they  name is misty and joel.they are very kind people and theirs child too.when I arrived their home edrew show me about  everything in her house ecpecially their toys.sam make me a card it is a cutest card and theirs two youngest sister I forgot her name are so cute i think I will help my host mom look after her child.another thing I forgot they have a cute dogs name rosy my dinner todays is dad host family did it.