Tuesday night
We went to Roaller Sakating I played it very well. Carrot played the Roaller Blade so cool I want to played it too. Then June try the Roaller Blade and she can played it then she that it easy than the roaller skate (next time I should try). We have a lot of fun!!!!
Yesterday I’m very tired because I have a cold and I can’t sleep well. Lizzy Emma and Erin went to Milwokki(?) for feild trip with 7&8Grade so when we playef kickball it so fast when you can kick fast. Then afterschool Kendal Olivia and I have to help do the suppor for people from the church. So we like have alot of thing to do and yesterday I can’t go to Jean and Java. Yesterday was like religion day of Jesus so we have to in the church. When I get in the line and Olivia want me to get the water bottle into the garbage and it afront of my face so I get it in the garbage ,but the man was get in the way I have to me or he walk at my line spot and I look and him ,but he just like I don’t care I don’t know anything !!! WHAT THE HECK!!!! So I have to get in line again!!!! Then we went home I hungry again so I made some MAMA yummy.Then Olivia and went to grandma Gail (Greg mum) . I’m so happy to see her.
Today was like everyday went to school and waitng for extra resest ,but it don’t have!!OMG so sad!!However today is 61F so warmmm I like this weather. Oh today teacher George and P’Pat take a video and photo of me and I feel like I gonna died!! cause I didn’t write bolg for 2day