Today was very cold . At 3:21am I got a nightmare I heard like people walk and like someone walk and come in my room. Then I’m woke up Olivia about 3 times . First time ” Did you heard something?” Second time ” Did you see something?” Third time ” Can you sleep with me on my bed?” . At the morning I know that the sound that I heard is Lily she walk around and I saw something is I think it her face because she black(She cone with the dark).How do I know .Because at the mirning I heard that sound again and and I came to look its Lily so I not scared any more, but I don’t know why I always woke up at 3:00-4:00 am everyday I think I ‘m Jetlack.Before we went to school we played UNO like 10 minutes then we went to school. When we at school it snow again!!! Noooooo!!!! So cold !!!! Now I’m writing my blog at school when I’m get bored so I can updated my blog every minutes or everytimes YEEEE 10:42am
11:00 We went to Church to played Hand Bell. It so easy and fun it was first time that I thought about music is easy. It doesn’t have HAND BELL in Thailand so it was first time that I’m pkayed it. Then we ate lunch .Today have live mini pizza and Salad it so yummy I like it !!! then we played kickball.After we played kickball we help like arrange the chairs .
13:10 A large pimple in my ear splite out
its really hurt and disgusting !!! The head of pimple was alot and its green.
14:10 I do Scince test its little bit hard ,but I think that I do my best!!!
Now 15:01 I’m waiting for Olivia and Emma at school then we go home eat suppor and go to church at18:00-20:00pm . So Byreee