bangpan-apr 26
On 26 April, today was a last day I went to school I so sad and Emily(she is my best friend) cried too. They gave a gift to me . The gift is a photo book about friends and I and about pray and the letters to me.I didn’t want to leave Wisconsin and my friends so I cried a lot.In the evening my host and I must to go to Minnesota to see farm. And my host had to take a picture with their cousin.We drove about 4hours .We slept with Corey mom’s house.
On 27 April , my host showed me their farm and smell is stingy .At lunch time 
We ate a lot of food.And then I took a nap in my bed and a kid tried to bit my bed .It so fun.After that we came back home. 
On 28 April , today was a last day with host .They gave a bible book to me.After that they brought me to hotel because I must to go to Chicago with friends at 11 o’clock by bus.I wanted to stay with my host more.In the time my host was leaving I cried so mush .I didn’t want to leave them .But we promised we would miss each other. After that we were in the bus and we talked a lot .When we are in Chicago we are so hungry because we didn’t eat lunch .We ate lunch at 4o’clock so we ate a lot.Now I want to sleep.Goodnight!!!.
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