Yesterday I woke up at 7:03 . We have had over night with grandma Gail . We ate Trost Tar Ham that taste like Bacon(very Yummy!!) and Cinnamon Rolls (I didn’t ate it because I don’t like Cinnamons) Then we played Trampoline (?) then I have to change my clothes ,but I get a wrong pants and I didn’t brough sweather and socks. So,I have to wore pajamas pants and borrow Grandma socks. Then we played Trampoline like all the morning and I have a lot of fun then we ate pizza for lunch. When we played Trampoline I saw Sam but crack and its very funny . Then we helped Grandma to done a dinner.( Olivia and I went to Kwik Trip to bought some Potatos) after that we played Trmpoline again( its very fun) Then we set the desk and ate dinner its very delicious. Then we helped Grandma to cleaned the dish and house then we went back home. When we back home we have to take a shower and we went to sleep . That why I didn’t post the blog.