didi-apr 19
Today I woke up at 10:04 then I stayed at home and Olivia was came back and we ate lunch umm pizza from last week. Then Olivia Erin and I went to Grace because tomorrow Olivia have to play flute in church she was good on misic I’m not. Then we back and Grandma Gail pick all the children in house to Passion Play. This Play was about how Easter come and Story about Jesus. The thing that like lamb or a baby were real. Easter is the day that Jesus Risen (or Rosen). Yesterday was the day that he dead onthe cross ,today is when he in the tomb and tomorrow be the day that he risen. The man that be Jesus was fat and bid belly. Well show was awesome I like it . It make me understand about Story of Jesus more that he was half god half human (?) . Then we back home the Grandma Gail Olivia and I went to Kwik Trip to bought the Pizza and we wait like 35 minutes then we like asked them that did the pizza finish you know its not even baked yet !!!!! Then we got Pizza and back home then we ate .Then we made the easter egg and I make um the picture and I was watching Tangled now !!!! So see you tomorrow bye