Today we went to Jenn N’ Java because T.George want some people that like be free come. So this week we free so we went to Jenn N Java then we ate some snack and T.George came take a photo and video (I think again he want to take video of us when we are there so they will make video for us) before T.George come Sam slipped Olivia drink so the customer assistance have to clean it because it was their job. However when we played The Lord Of The Ring Monopoly I slipped Emma glass so it make like 2 pieces of cards like little bit have chocolate and the2 of dollar card and he just like very mad and we said sorry to him and Erin said that what about the rest that was good he said that okay I will throw it away all we like okay. So we have to back to home and don’t get to Jenn N Java just while because it was 2 times and they will be very mad. I thought that why he doesn’t made a new one by a paper cause it just 4 cards why he have to throw it away if he love it very much why does he not just keep it in his house !!!!!?and why he so rude with the girl that take an order she like very nice and he is so rude to her aghhhhhhhh I want to kick him!!!!