That day we went to Beerstene . I try Boston bean its was super super good and Sam was like Hog N Dog a lot he ate it all and he still hungry when he back home . Then when I back home we watch movie or Middle House I like it alot its very funny its like one crazy family and everyone was creepy and wierd . Then I felt like want to poop and I knock the door and nobody say like hello what who like that so I came in the bath room first step and I saw a one leg that have hair and I knew that Greg was in the bathroom cause he was only man in the house(Sam is little boy) and I came out and I thought ohhhhhhhhhh noooooo what did I doneeeeeee and I very shyytytyy and I kneww that I just saw his leg,but its misbehave a lot ahhhhhh I can’t saw his face aghhhh . Then when he cane out I say sorry to him and he saud that Olivia always walk when he in the bathroom so I told myself its okayyy yeeee