Today is Friday T G I F !!!!! After school Olivia and I are ride a bike to Kendal house and Ayla house to played kickball at Jackson School with the Catholic girl name Emma (alot of people name Emma)
Then at Ayla house have a lot of animal 2 dogs 3 snake fish 1 Cameleon and some thing that like Cameleon ,but its fat and bigger and its look ready to slough off the skin. Then we went to played kickball at Jackson School and it is 3 boy want to played kickball with us ,but we don’t want them to played. Then they like talk about I’m a good kicker , I like to kick blablablablablabla and we heard that and I thought that if we kick it and they will get the balk and keep it cause the place that we played like a hill so they will keep it and have a deal like Let us played and we will gave your ball back like that and I thought everyone thought like me so we went to other school (Emma school) then we played like little bit and Olivia and I have to back home cause we have to back home at 7:30. Then we get back we played Ipad and read like American star like that and they name or the star kids
You know its super crazy name I never heard!!! Then we go to sleep and I have chat with Olivia little bit before sleep about that creepy boy.