That night I heard a bell ring at 3:30 and it was very scarred me so I have to asked Olivia to slept with me . Then at the morning we went to school and after school we went to Sam Soccer Practice then he practice at Bethany so I met June that she was played ripstick and she played very good and then we played kickball at the feild with Isiah(Olivia cusine we asked him to came and played ) . So we played kickball and have like crazy family that Olivia don’t like a lottttt and know why cause they was crazy and l do’t like one girl that on my team cause like she doesn’t lisen when I played she want to be a pitcher okay you can but she like pitch the ball very bad and she doesn’t care!!!! Ohhhhhhh myyyy. Then we have to get back home and I asked Erin about the bell that I heard nobody have an idea about the bell…. its possible that it could be something…..?