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Hello Monday! I like Monday because I was born on Monday, but Sometimes I don’t like because I had to wake up early and go to school. Hilbert Middle School is a home of wolves, I don’t know why it is a home of wolves. All the students might be….WEREWOLF!! Half blood is people and half is a wolf Hahaha just kidding. I arrived at school about 7:35 am. I kept my stuff in the locker. Then we went to the library because Syd had to return her book. That costs 25 cents. At 8 o’clock in the morning, we went to gym class. First, we warm up by skipping rope and running around the gymnasium for a couple minutes. Then we played gridball, I was in orange team, sometimes I feel bad because I can’t help the team, I can’t catch the ball, I can’t hit anybody out, I was always out….but today I hit one person out!! Then we went to the second class..Spanish. I drew barns, houses, people, food, money, and store on Spanish class. I didn’t listen to the teacher at all. I had to draw these things for Social Studies big project, my job is to do a big poster about problems in America between 1789-1800, and this thing have to be done by this Wednesday. My third class was Algebra, still learning about graphing. American kids go to the same class everyday, but Thai kids go to different class in one week. I don’t like to go in the same class everyday, it makes me a little bit boring. The next class was Social Studies, the teacher gave us the whole time of this class to continued doing our project, so everybody went to the library. We stayed in the library for one and a half hours. It’s good, so I have more time to work on my poster. When the class was over, I ate lunch, I had Bar-B-Q burger and hush brown for lunch. I wanted pork and chicken in my burger, so I get the pork, but before I get the chicken the woman that stand near me shout out “No! You can’t take 2 meats!”. After lunch we had reading class, but 8th grade has a test, so no reading class today. While everyone took their test, I went to language room waiting until everyone finish the test. The test finished about 1 pm. Then we went to quest, we had only 30 minutes for this class. Today’s opener was a game like pick one card and the opener will ask you a question or ask you to do something like drawing or whatever, and then you earn point. Which group get more win, but we only had a couple time to do this, so we didn’t finish the game. We’ll finish it tomorrow. I wanted to be the winner cuz the winner will get a big bar of chocolate (Hershey’s). The next class was choir. We sang a song called…sorry I can’t remember the name hahaha. The last class was language, we read a book called “To Kill a Mockingbird”, we read to chapter 4 now, and we notes some stuff about this story and about the characters. I loved Sydnee’s handwritting, it’s very neat and clean. When the school finished, Syd had to go get pizza and other things for the teacher cuz she is the seller. Then dad picked us up at 4 o’clock. We went home and had dinner. Sydnee had to go to her DI practice and soccer practice, so she left home at 5 o’clock

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