Today is all day I have to live with my Host Family. It kind off a starting day. We don’t have school this week. So when I wake up in the morning I went to tennis court with my Host. But I doesn’t play tennis. I play basketball with Jacob before he played tennis with Kerry. Then before we go home we played the gamed name horse. It almost same liked outs or xyz in Thai. That is the fun timed. Then we get home and have a lunch. It was a rice with a beans and a little yogurt. I never ate it before but I thinks that is not bad (It kind of Good). Then Kerry takes a dog for walk. Today is kind of not so cold. Is about 52 degrees in Newton today. Then went outs and played some basketball outdoors. It was not bad. Next we played some games and watch some videos clips in TV. It almost fun. Then we had a supper. It is a mash potato. It was very yummy. I thinks This is almost a cool day that we have fun together.