On this day, I woke up at 7 A.M. . I brushed my teeth and took a shower. Porsche and I had  sausages and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They were quite delicious. Then, we played with the kids and relaxed for sometime until 11 A.M. . At 11  A.M., Tricia dropped us at Pooh’s house. In that house, we met Pooh, Jacob who was the kid in the house, his father and Rigby which was a large dog. At first, we played baseball in the outside. It was very windy on the backyard. Pooh and Porsche only wear shorts on that time. I was thinking ” Seriously, it’s cold and windy out here, why would they wear shorts?”

Next, we got back into the house and played some games. We had a lot of fun in doing it. Later on, we had our lunch which was some pizzas and rice crispies that were provided by Tricia earlier. They were quite good. Next, we played tag. I had difficulty in chasing others, so I  decided to get back into the house. Then, everyone else returned into the house and played video games. At about 4 P.M., Jacob’s mother came into the house and talked to us a little bit. Then, she drove us back to our house. We got lost for a little bit, but we managed to return to our house.  Then, we had our dinner which was pasta with meatballs. It was very delicious. Then, we worked our blogs and played board games . Finally, we went to bed.