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Today, I woke up at 6 A.M. . I did my duties like brushing my teeth and changing my clothes as usual. Later on, Porsche woke up. I had my breakast with Dave. It was some cereal. They were somewhat delicious.  Then, Porsche had his breakfast. After that, we relaxed as usual. It was quite a comfortable day. Everyone was quite lazy at doing things. So, I went downstairs with the kids and played with them. Tricia and Dave was there too. We started playing on the cushion and rode  the horsesticks. It was quite funny though. The horsestick was actually Dave’s toy when he was young. We also played with the balls. Tricia ,Dave and I had to warn the kids not to play irresponsibly at times, because they were too young to know what was right and wrong.

Then,  Porsche, Tricia and I decided what would we have for lunch. At first, we thought about Mexican, but in the end , we decided that we would have some Thai food as our lunch today. So, we relaxed and prepared ourselves  for the lunch. I took my sweater and put on my shoes before getting on Tricia’s car. After that, we reached Thai Cafe which was the restaurant we would have our lunch in. It was located in Sheboygan. At First, we ordered some Egg rolls as starters. They were quite nice. For the main course, I ordered stir-fried vegetables with beef, while Porsche and Tricia ordered Rad Nha and Pho respectively.. They were also delicious too. After that, we ordered some additional food as takeaways, because  Tricia would be quite busy tomorrow. I ordered  Phad Thai as my meal.  We also talked to the manager  who was a Thai. We started talking about the details of the exchange program along with ourselves. I liked the conversation. Porsche must had felt more comfortable, because he could talk to another person who could understand his native language comfortably.  Tricia also told me that there were some Vietnamese in this  area. This was another interesting fact to be known. Next, we returned to our house. We started doing something else by that time. Later on, we also played with the kids too. Then, we had our dinner. It was 2 cheeseburgers and some French Fries. They were very delicious. After that, Tricia put the kids in Muay Thai shorts and photographed them  with us. It was kind of fun, but it was annoying too as the kids couldn’t concentrate to be photographed. Next, Tricia and Dave talked to their friend via a phone. I also introduced myself a little bit to them too. Then, I updated my blog and did some recreational activities. Finally, I went to bed.

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