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Today, I woke up at 4 A.M. again. I prepared myself as usual. On this day we were seperated into 2 groups, the group which would go to the High School and the group which would go to another school. I was in the first group. Our group left the  Divine Savior School at 7.15 A.M. . We  had to go to the  school as a tour of how schools in the U.S. might be like. First, we entered the Manitowoc Lutheran High School at about 8 A.M. . There, we met the coordinator of the international students, Ms. Ungemach. She introduced us to the mentors who would let us into there classes. My mentor was Aaron. He was a 15 years old boy. He began guding me to the Band Class. Over there, I looked at him playing his Tuba and others students playing other types of musical instruments. He was an outspoken and funny person. After that, he sent me to the ESL Class. In that class, I sat in with other Thai and Chinese students. We began introducing ourselves and played hangman with Ms. Ungemach. The students and I had a lot of fun playing hangman. Then, Aaron came back and picked me up . Then, both of us went to the cafeteria which everyone began preaching and sang a Christian song. Then, both of us went to the English Class. The class was all about analyzing different types of paragraphs. I could analyzied most of the paragraphs correctly. After that, we moved to the Science Class which the teacher was absent. There was a replacement teacher though. He opened the video of the absent teacher and his lecturing about calculating thermal energy. Aaron and other classmates used their calculators to get the results. I thought that I could get my results by using a piece of paper and a pencil. After that, we began talking about things related to Thailand and myself. Then, we walked into the Theology class which the Teacher let the students do some questions about the story about King David and Amnon in the Bible. After that, we had our lunch with other U.S. , Chinese and Thai students. Our lunch was 2 pieces of pizzas and a cookie. After the lunch, I began showing my icebreaker to him and his friends and explained it to them. Then, we had a singing class. Everyone including me began singing songs. We sang about 2 songs. One in high pitich and the other in  a lower pitch. Later on, we travelled to the computer class. The computer teacher told to me that I could do anything I want . So, I used it to finish my blogs and look for more information. Porsche was also in that room too. He was doing the same thing as I. Next, Porsche, Aaron and I walked to the Economics class. The teacher began asking me some questions. I answered them all and everyone liked that. Porsche was trying to sleep on the sofa. When the teacher began asking questions, he said “I don’t know.” Everyone laughed. The teacher began explaining questions and solutions. At 3 P.M., the class finished. Aaron and I began to move away from each other. I reached the cafeteria with the Thai students. We waited for Pat and George to pick us up.  I thought that I would all of my friends that I had made in this school ,and I would really missed them.Pat took us and other students to the library to finish our blogs. I managed to recharge my laptop, and finished my blogs. After that, we traveled to Taco Bell again. My friends and I ate many tacos.  I personally ate 4 of them. Later on, we moved to the Roller-skating Club. Over there, we started rollerskating. I was quite terrible at this, but it was still better than ice-skating. I managed to improve my skills a little bit. I also met some of my friends in the Manitowoc Lutheran Junior High School too. I met a Chinese student whom I met earlier in the school. He helped me to become better at rollerskating. After that, I stopped skating  and met one of my hosts. The host I met was a Thai-American. We had a good conversation . I also saw one of her sons who was named “Marco” . Later on, I watched people rollerskating in the floor. Everyone began looking at Junior when he was skating with Rachel who was one of the students I met before in the school. Everyone joked that they had a relationship. Finally, we returned to the Divine Savior Church at  10 P.M. and went to bed at about  P.M. .

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