Today we wake up at 6.15 in the morning.Jadian forget to wake we up so we wake ourselves up.Then we have cereal for breakfast and wait for jadian.Today I go to school wit bam.First class is groverment teacher show us a video about Issis.Then we have Second class i don’t remember what class i have but the third class is computer class.This class has only Jadian, me, bam, and her friend.There are 4 people in this class.Then we have math class they study faction some of them are easy but some are not.Then we have lunch.Jadian has hamburger and onnion ring for her lunch.Bam has bread onnion ring and milk for her lunch.I have salad onnion ring and milk for my lunch.We ate lunch at history room.After lunch we have history class.The last class is computer class.This school finish at 2.21 pm. so i go home earlyer than yesterday.