Today is 8th grade test again but they have a little problem because test seem have just 4 questions. ?-? Then I have gym but I don’t play rollerblades because I don’t have clothes. Before lunch I learn about cooking. My teacher make dessert by chocolate, popcorn and marshmallows. It yummy but it too be sticky. I watch Mastershef Junior it about kids cook contest. In lunch I eat egg omelet, potato, chocolate muffin and banana. Today I have band. I still play many songs. In reading class I play game about words in book. I don’t know what it meaning so I just watching. In evening I have track today don’t have windy. It ‘s sunny it hot as well. In supper I eat 3 pizzas and 1 big chicken so I veryvery full. Then I go to the Bad Panda Games LLC. It have many games. I play games a t with my host so I’m happy. Then I paint a tiny statue it so cute ^^. I come back to home. Tomorrow I have a tour outside school. See yaaa