Yesterday last night when we finished ate tacos .we went to a game center. At there I met my host family who name is misty and her child.she is so cute .I played pirates games with her and her child.when we finished play pirates my host family must go home because her child must go to school tomorrow.I played monopoly with proud,didi,green,bangpan and amy. Next we played dessert very fun first green fail the game and she was punished by us. She must pun jing read 20 times. Second I failed the game i must be pun jing read 50 times it very bad. Today we got up early because we must be go to visit school.we I arivved at school I met my buddy sara.she very friendly and very kind but I don’t have anything to talk with her. The math class is the first class I good and easy for me. At lunch we have pizza from domino pizza.for me religion class is very boring . Ours dinner today is very delicious.we have hotdogs and pork rib .when we finished  we play bowling I met p jan and talk with prond they is so kind.and bowling is very fun