This morning was so warm and comfy that I didn’t like to get myself out of bed. But I had to pull myself up anyway.

I washed up and walked down to the kitchen to get something to eat. George was lying on a couch, watching movies. I then recognized
that his stuff were still on the spots they were last night, so I asked him if he had been up all night. Guess what, he had been
watching DareDevil all night long!! He must have been addicted to it, hahaha.

movie mode

George handed me the remote, so I searched around and chose a movie to watch. I watched Shelter, a film about homeless people. It’s a
sad movie, but the scenes are well-shot, so the movie is beautiful (in a sad way, though).

Then I did some work. When I finished, I searched for some more film to watch in Netflix. I ended up with Forrest Gump, which I was
quite sure I had seen before although I couldn’t remember a thing about it. It’s classic. The movie is sooo beautiful and touching.
It’s a movie everyone should see.

Today’s special is I made fruit yoghurt for myself in the afternoon, and mac ‘n cheese for dinner. I know there’s nothing special
about it, but this is the first time I cook abroad, hahaha. I was quite good, as I didn’t burn anything. Mac and cheese kind of taste
weird, though 😛
(I forgot to take some pictures again. I just realized that when I already ate all my food)

That’s it for today.

Two Rivers