Today I go to school. I learn math. Then I have gym so I play rollerblades. I can run already and I don’t fall down^^. I try to run very fast. Then we have a test in face class but I don’t have to test because I didn’t read anything so I read a book quietly. In lunch I eat brown rice and chickens. After lunch I watch precentation about another countries. Then I have a band today we have to choose music for concert. I choose pirate but most of student chooce In Wisconsin song.  In evening we have track outside school. We have an egg hunt. We run and pick up eggs. Today have many weathers. In morning have rainy in afternoon have snowy in evening have windy, cloudy and rainy again. Then we come back to home. Mom make french toast and smooty stawberry for me. It gooooooood! byeeeee