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Today we had to get up really really early for school. We were supposed to leave at 7:00, so I set my alarm at 5:00 a.m., but we were still late.

We arrived at Manitowoc Lutheran High school around 8:10, instead of 7:45. So we had to jumped off the van real quick and kind of ran into the school.
All the older kids, Didi, Proud, Gifted, Green, Bangpan, Amy, Extra, Ultra, Topaz, Oui, and Poon met their buddies the school assigned for them today and went into classrooms.
George let Jedi and Im waited for us in the office, using the internet while we went to classrooms taking the kids photos.
Then we left the school and headed to the library.

Unfortunately, the library is still closed, so here we are in a coffee shop, writing our blogs.
Oh, I almost forgot to talk about last night. We went to Bad Panda for our game night and we were having a lot of fun.
I played card games with Jedi before Poon and Im came, then I let them play with Poon host siblings.

Topaz, Oui, Extra, and Ultra were playing games that Bob, a man in the shop, showed them. And the girls, Bangpan, Amy, Gifted, Green, Didi, and Proud were goofing around, playing their own games.
Green and Gifted lost the game so they were punished by spinning themselves (Pan-jing-reed) for 20 times!! They couldn’t walk straight,hahaha.

We might leave this coffee shop soon. Maybe we’ll wait for others at Matitime Museum instead of here. That way we can learn something more and not getting bored from waiting.
This evening we’ll go bowling. I heard Bangpan dared Oui since yesterday. I wonder who will win.

By the way, Didi and Proud’s host family will pick them up tonight, too. I’m pretty sure I will miss them.

Pretoria coffee