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Yesterday we got another surprise from George again. He took us to Thai Market to enjoy some thai foods we missed! What a caring chaperon!!
So we had Pad-Thai, fried rice, som-tam with sticky rice, and egg rolls. Everyone really enjoyed that as we were all craving for something spicy for a while.
Thank you again T.George 🙂


Then we headed to Rollaire to roller skate and meet some of the host families. Im and Poon went to stay overnight with their host families too, because today they are going to field trip with their school.
We were having fun roller skating. Even though I fell down and hurt myself, I still really enjoyed that. Poon, Jedi, and Im were really good at roller skating.
The bigger boys, Oui, Topaz, Extra, and Ultra were getting better, too. Didi and Proud were ok, but Gifted, Green, and Amy were kind of afraid. Bangpan, of course, cannot roller skate, so she was on duty for taking care of our stuff.

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On the way back, George stopped the van somewhere dark and told us to get out of it. Just for us to see how fascinating the sky full of stars was.
Then we got back to the van real quick, because it was pretty cold outside, and headed back.

Today THEY went to Henning’s cheese in the morning. I said they because I didn’t go their. Since I hurt my ankle pretty bad, George suggested I should stay in and take some rest, otherwise it might get worse.
So I didn’t know what was going on at the cheese factory, but I got these photos George took from the camera.


Then at 11:00 they came back for lunch. We had the same thai food we had yesterday because there were plenty left. Gifted, Green, and Proud helped me warm it up, while Topaz, Oui, Extra, and Ultra helped us clean the pan.
We had lunch real quick and jumped into the van to visit Feider Farm.

The farm is really really hugeeeeeeee. They are really nice too. We got to see how they store milk, feed the cows, their machines, and many other things. We got to play with a new-born calf, too. He’s wayyyyy too cute.


Here is my favorite time. We got to eat ice cream sandwiches!! I didn’t get any photos of this as we were all so busy eating 😛

We left the Feider around 3:00 p.m. and headed to the library to write our blogs. After this we will go for dinner and play some games at Bad Panda. I’m pretty sure we’ll have fun 🙂


P.S. I didn’t have enough time to insert photos, I will do when I have time.