TOday i went to Maddison , the cappital town of a state building . I woke up at 5 a.m. and go to school about six a.m. .
I got friends i saw Kacy Caden and Poon too , My friends name tht i remember is Lisa Emma and Eddy . Thay are very very very funny and friendly .
I always sleep until Maddison , While i sleep sometimes i woke up to play with my friends to .
The state building was very very big , They made out of the gold . WHat!!!! I love that is so shiny . There’s were many many room i like downstairs because it can saw the pictures of wiscocil .
Wisconcil museum was very big too , We saw movie of the importan people of Wisconcil , I sat beside Poon .
Is was very wonderful , when i was back home i eat dinner and watched some naruto season 1 .
When is dark Larry was drove me to Bad Panda the gam center . I was played slap ad COlered some figure .

Write soon

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