Today i wake up around 7.00am so i have to do things hurry.I also have cereal for breakfast and went up stair today her mom also wake a lit late but it doesn’t matter.Then we went to school.Today i have to follow carly.Then i have being in study hall for first class but it is for2 hours.After that we have spain class for two hours we also met alyssa in this class then we have math class for 2 hours again.After that we went to eat lunch i have chicken nutlet for my lunch.Then we went outside sun is so shinny today.Then carly has english test so i stay in library.Then teacher in wilson told me that tomorrow they have test all day so i don’t have to go to school so this is my last day in school.Then her mom pick me.When i went home muk was here and i watch the movie call”carrie” it was horror movie then jadian went to gym.