Hello everybody 03.15.15
( Wednesday )
Today is Wednesday l got up at 6.30 am. ( not late <wow>) , l went to take a bath and have breakfast before went to school . When l at the school l went to my classroom and recess , remembers home work and start to learned . In morning l learned about hymns , in every Wednesday my school went to church ( next to the school ) , When l stayed in church l sing a song and learned about songs , Jesus and god .
When l finished about 8.15 am. l went to my school and learned to 10.10 am. and have break , In break l played football ( American football ) with Plakaow and when the bell are louder l went classroom and learned to 12.10 am. , In noon l learned about math , social studies and reading _ In every Wednesday the church have hot lunch and hot lunch in this week have beans , rices , meat and brownies . Then l finished lunch l went lunch break and l played :FISH: , When l finished break l went to learned to 3.00 am. and have a practice dancing for school shows to 4.00 pm. and went to home . In evening l and Plakaow have hunters learned to 9.00 pm. and l went to house go to sleep