Today we woke up early and we have a breakfast. This morning the weather is a bit cold. We went to school. Today we have chess club and we have gym. We have a normal class and when gym we still play badminton and we play a game. I have the same partner David and we versus with Tyler and Trevor we lost them then we change the opponent team. We went to versus Owen and Steffen we won them. Then we went to get change and we go to the next class. And when school end we went to the chess club this class I play with Tyler in the first time I won because his friends took his attention so I won. And he want a rematch so I said ok. In the second time we took a long game and he won then we went to Cheri work and we went back home and before we back home we stop and one restaurant and each of us we got a sandwich. And we went back and we have that sandwich and soon I and Cheri we went out to Walmart to buy some groceries and a bird food and soon we went back and we did our stuff and we go to bed.