Today i was have a good news because i went to my host family house today , I woke up about six or seven o’clock .
When i ate breakfast finish we went to the library , Is very quite . That’s right because if we did the loud noise everyone will can’t read the book .
and when the evening we were played rolerskate , I didn’t play it for a while but i think i good in rolerskating but i just fell 1 time .
I saw Poon host family they were know me too , they host 2 sons name Kacy and Caden . Exactly i think Kacy is quiet and Caden was talkative.
While i play i swaw my host family i ran to see them and i talk to them a long time , even i’m in the car or in the house . My room is very big they had some crft paper too .
They wete have a card games for Tranton , They grand child. Oh !!!! I forgot when lunch we were ate Pad thai SOmtum and Kaopad Very very delicious.
Write soon
Kunnapat Tisakit Im