Today is the second large holiday of America, it is an Easter day. I woke up at 6 o’clock because my friends( Bangpan, Didi and proud) woke up early and that sound disturb me. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and dress my clothes finished around 6.40 a.m.. but boys room is a dark and very quiet. We went to eat a breakfast. In the morning, my breakfast are cereal&milk and pudding. Between we ate breakfast, George woke up and he was telling us to the church. We went to the church around 7.30 a.m. After we went to the church, we were going to the “piggly wiggly” to shop things that we take to make lunch. We came to school to keep things in kitchen and refrigerator. Then, it is around 11 a.m. and people don’t hungry. Therefore, George said “We will eat lunch around 1 p.m.” between we wait to eat lunch, Every people went to outside school and went to play a snow and took a photo with P’mild, Gifted and August. We are very happy. And I can sleep on snow, it is very cold. After that, We went to cooked lunch. Bangpan, Proud, Didi and Amy cooked the pancake, And I, Gifted and August makes the scramble egg, We ate the lunch around 13.30p.m. After we ate lunch, I played the ball with my friends and P’mild, We are fun. And the last We went to ate dinner at McDonald’s and I ate chicken McNuggets, it is very delicious. And I like it, and I think it is better than Thai. Before we went to McDonald’s,, We wait George for half hours, Because George slept. It is very joked. After we finished ate dinner, we came back to home and slept.