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On March 25th, 2016 at 5.30PM. I went to Suvarnabhumi airport  for go to Wisconsin. At 21.45PM I left from Bangkok and the plane flied to Incheon airport of South Korea to transfer plane for go to O’Hare International Airport. At 10.30AM of America time. I’m already at O’Hare International Airport. After that, I went to Wisconsin and went to school of Wisconsin to kept my bag and reserved my area. And leader of group give our to break around 3 hours. I went to played snow with my brother, sister and friends, snow is very cleaned and it is very cold, I think it is as same as ice in my country. Between I played snow I come back to school to change shoes because my shoes are wet. And I go to change sneakers to sandles. And I go to played snow but my leader of group(George) said “It is very bad idea“ Make me to go to change shoes to original. It is very joke and noteworthy. At 5.00PM after we played snow, We went to play Basketball, they are very fun. And I feel very happy. And the last, I went to Village Inn to ate pizza, It is very delicious. Today I am very happy. This is the first time of me to go to abroad by not have my mother and the first time that I go to America.