today I got up at the same time I arrived at school and my first class started.proud did not came to school today.In PE classed we went to played outside didi want to go too .when we go it very cold we want to come in the school but we can not because the door is locked.we try to find the opened door but we can not we walk around the school.finally we decided to sit and waited to come in with everyone.after that my classed also have like lunch I have pat thai .In religion class today we watch the video. Sara told me that she will go early because she have track today.when I came home I played with my host sister and host brother.after that I try to do the model It is a pretty hard model .ours dinner today is tacos.At night we have the end of narnia I found that everytime they have a problems lucy will called aslan and he will help her every time finally I knew that aslan is a jesus and he help lucy because she have the faith and believe in aslan.This is what christain believe .another things in get from this story I knew that you should believe in yourselves and proud in yourseleves