Today i wake up about 7 am in the morning so i need to hurry.Then i come down to eat breakfast which is cereal and today bam go to school slower than yesterday.Today i follow alyssa for sci class we don’t have lab today and we learn about element.Before sci class we have math class which is equation again to day they have test this test has 4 question to do.Then i follow alyssa and met carly at orchestra class they play 2 songs today and in halktime carly play demon song and alyssa practices her violin songs.Then i at study hall today i ate sandwich and prezzel so i don’t hungry in luch time.Then we study math and this topic i aleeady study at school before it about how to find angle in a curcle.Then in lunch time we did not go outside.After that we have spain class they do worksheet in class and after this class in english we also syudy at libraby again.