Today didi didn’t came to school but every class like the same I also like geometry and in ESL class we also learn about BFG and singlechard .I did not eat anything in lunch because I am not hungry.when we come home I didn’t packed anything because I things we will go and get back to the house but when I saw everyone prepare to stay in grandmather, grandfather house I go to packed the things up to.when we arrived there .there is very cold but it very beautiful I like their house because I very like the sea or lake but in Thailand it is very hot.when we arrived there it is around 6.30 p.m. I’m very fun .grandmather and grandfather they are very kind and very nice to me.that make me a little bit miss my real night we saw the moon rise and I go to sit outside to see a lot of star that In thai did not have.grandfather and dad explain me about the star like teacher george tell us when we park to see the star.I forget to tell you that my dinner today is Mc donald I ate chicken nugget.this is the end of the day..