Today I write a blog early because today we will play pool tonight today I woke up at 6:30 am then we eat a breakfast today breakfast is cereal then we go to school today my first class is history we study about world war 1 then we have english class today we read a book and comment then we have cooking class today we make whipcream and eat a cake we eat a cake with whipcream and strawberry + sugar next we have art before I eat a lunch I have math we study about square and parabora then we eat a lunch todya my lunch is cheese burgers and pudding and chips then I have science class and my last class before I come back home is spain today we go to libary to do something then after we finish spain we come back home after we come back home we play game and eat a dinner today dinner is Gapao gai kai down then after we finish dinner I do my blog I thing after I finish my blog I will cut my hair and play pool.