Today is wednesday it pass very quickly this week i feel it was monday we woke up at 7:40 in the morning it was snow today the temperature is 1 celcius it was very cold and it have snow too.In the morning for breakfast I ate waffles and eggs it was little bored.When we at school today my friends have test in laptop but I dont have to test because it for they country so I just read a book the book name is “the giver” it was very hard to know some word so i use laptop and open the google translate to translate some word that i dont know and yoday we have music class we have play a guitar and sing a song it was very fun i very like to play guitar.When we back home we watched tv about 30 minute and I have played basketball but the weather was very cold so i played about 45 minute and then came in a house for supper it was very delisious we ate a lot of food it was very very good day!