Today I woke up at 6:30 am then we eat a breakfast today breakfast is a little hamburger I eat 3 burgers then we go to school today is windy day my first class is history I go in room and have surprise today have snow ^~^ today I study about worldwar 1 again then I have english class in english class we only read a book and comment then we have spain after we finish spain we have gym class ! Today we run and play volleyball ( I dont no how to play ) then I have math today we study about perfaect square and parabora then after we finish math class I eat a lunch today my lunch is very fat because have 2 pudding 1 snack and 1 wrap then after I finish lunch I have science class next we have spain class again today I hand-wresting today I win yeah! ( I hand-wresting with girl! ) then after we finish school we come back home and play video game then after I finish play ideo game we eat a dinner today is mexican food I eat 3 Taco then after we finish dinner I do my blog and I thing to night we wil play pool.