Today i wake up about 6.46 am in the morning.Today Jadian donnt go to school so her mom drive her to muk house and study with muk today.After that her mom come to pick me at house I ate cereal for breakfast and today I have alyssa for first 3 lessons so alyssa forst class is math they again study equation and then we have sci class today they have test and this test they can bring 1 paper with note in test after sci class we met carly at orcresta class they also play hungarian dance today and then in hawktime carly play piano and alyssa play violin.After that i go with carly and we are at study hall and i bought some snack to eat then we have math class we start early so one who go to eat lunch outside can finish in time.Then we go to ate lunch outside I order same as alyssa and it was chicken and roti.We were there about 2 hours and then we went back to school and waiting for her mom to pick me up.Then we went home.