Today is first day for week went to the school , today l got up at 6.45 am. and went to took a bath and have a breakfast and went to school. When l stayed at school, first thing l do at school is prepare , remember homework and start to learned , in morning l learned history bible it about Christ , Jesus and bible and then l learned math to 10 o’clock and then l have break. When l finished break l went to classroom and learned, in noon l learned social and math extra to 12.10 am and then l have a lunch , in lunch l ate hamburger , cookies , milk and pudding. When l finished lunch l went to break and played football ( Americans football ) , then finished break l went to classroom and devotion noon , then l learned fine arts and sing, when finished learned art and music l learned English and reading , and then the class over my school have dancing practices and in practice l have anything were very funny example cowboys dance and l think it have alien and mermaid singing _555 , after then when finished practice at 4.30 pm. l went to home and my mom ( Mrs. Smith ) she made spaghetti and ginger breads dinner and last thing it very famous because l very loved it ,it is root beer 555 root beer in united states America it very yummy than Thailand 555 . After when l finished the dinner l took Sam ( dog ) went to the animals hospital ( l think it is a clinic but it bigger than Thailand’s clinic ) and then before l think today have hunting safety but it very surprised because it not have 555 , then l went to home with Sam ( dog ) and watched movies to 3.30 pm. and them l went to took a bath and went to sleep.