Today I woke up at 7:30 am then I take a shower after I finish shower I eat a breakfast today breakfast is cereal then after I finish eat a cereal I go to cycling with Pooh first we go to lake and go to Pooh house I see Jacob play basketball then we go to home it a first time I cycling in America it very fun then after I come back home Pooh cycling to home then after I finish cycling I have a nap then after I woke up we go to eat a lunch at Thai restaurant eat a Lad hna Toto eat Padpak and my host mom eat a noodle then after we finish lunch we come back home and I go to play a toy ( I don’t no name ) Its very fun then after I finish play a toy I play a video game I play fifa then we eat a dinner today dinner is Hamburger and grape I and my host eat only one but Toto eat two Hamburger then after we finish dinner we take a photo next we watch a TV after we finish watch a TV a baby go to sleep but I do my blog.