Today i wake up about 8 am in the morning.Then we have cereal for our breakfast.Then i talk to my grandmom and my cousin.And watch movie.Jadian show her prom’s dress to me it was pink with crystals.At 12.30 muk come to our hone.We havr pizza for our lunch.Then we play cards with TJ and jadian.We play for 30 mins.Then jadian teach muk how to use skateboard.Jadian fall of her skateboard while she was sitting on it and tell muk to push her but when muk push her she put the wrong way so jadian fall down.After that we went to backyard jadian climb the attration we then her fater teach me how to drive a small plant car.After that we come to muk house.We play sorry and uno cards at muk house.We also listen to music.We have dinner at muk house.We have chicken bbq for dinner then we go to walmart.Muk buy her stuff and bam buy snack i buy toys for my cousin.