Today i wake up at 7.00 in the morning.Today me and jadian mom also walk to school again I have vereal for breakfast and i bring biskits for my snack.Today i be with alyssa.We have math for the first class as always and they again study equation.Then we have sci class we also do lab this class again after that we have basketball study for gym class.Then we have hawktime I ate some snacks.After that we have cook lab so we do pumpkin bread.Then we can eat it next tuesday.Before lunch we again study english at library.At lunch time today i have hamburger alyssa also has her home made hamburger and carly has yougert.Then we went outside today was hot.After that we have spain class before US history class.Then we will go shopping at green bay.Muk also will go with us.I will buy victoria secret again,Bam and Muk also going to buy too.