On Thursday after lunch, teacher George and P’mild came to my school to take photos and video. Actually, the class that I studied after lunch was english ,but I had to separate with Maggi ,so I asked Maggi to go to elementary school with her. We drove to elementary school with teacher George and P’mild drove following us. When we arrived at elementary school, there was no one in the school. Maggi didn’t know where are they ,so we waited about5 minutes then, Maggi saw someone walk in the class room and she was teacher in this class. Maggi introduced us and then she stared at teacher George and shouted ” George Carroll”. Everyone was so confused until she introduced herself and teacher George could remember that she was his friend from high school!!! The world was so small. They talked for a while until the class started. The children walked in the classroom. They were 4-5 years old. Teacher started to teach them with singing A-Z songs and teach how to pronounce x sound. Then teacher said that it was a break time. All children went to sit at the table to eat snacks and drink chocolate milk. I went to sit with them and talked with them. They were so cute and talk a lot lol I love them. Afterwards, Maggi and I backed to school because Maggi had to practice singing. After that, Emma Maggi and I went to the restaurant and then ate ice cream at Menchie’s ,but we had to hurry because Teacher George and P’mild would be at Maggi’s house around 4.30 pm and we had 10 minutes left. Maggi drove fast to be in time. Relievedly, when we backed home, he didn’t come yet ,so I had time to clean my room lol Then, they came and survey the house and took videos. After they moved, Maggie’s boyfriend came to house and we played game named ‘chicken foot’ together. Mom explained how to play it. We played game until 9pm and I felt sleepy ,so I went to bed.

On Friday, Maggi and I had a plan to skip first class because we wanted to wake up late lol ,so we went to school at 10.30 am to study the second class. After lunch, I studied english about Julius Caesar again. Teacher let us make a group and read this story together. One person per character. Even American friends couldn’t read it fluently…because it was the word that is not currently in use. It was quite difficult for me ,but I tried my best. After this class, we backed home. We went to eat dinner at the restaurant. When we arrived, from the outside of the restaurant was look calm ,but when we got inside, there was so many people and a lot of noise. Mom said that normally it’s always busy like this. We waited for food about an hour. I ordered fried scallops with onion rings. It was so yummy! After finished eating, we backed home.

On Saturday, It was a nice day because it was a real spring! The temperature
was about 12 degree Celsius. At my school had a track meet ,so we arrived to school at 10o’clock. There had a lot of school came to race. Oui came here too. We sat on the grandstand without roof and sunglasses
and the sun was very bright. We watched hurdle race run and jump etc. Then, Oui and I went to take a photo at the playground near the stadium. My host pick us up to buy some foods. I ate brat for lunch. Then, we backed to the stadium and stayed until 2pm. Oui’s host family had to go to someone’s birthday ,so Oui came to my house. We watched Harry Potter, played games and slept lol. For dinner, mom do fried rice. I ate 3 plates while Oui ate just one lol. Mom let me tried to eat fried rice with cotta cheese and it was so tasty! Then we ate blackberries and raspberries for desert. At 8 pm , mom and I drove to sent Oui back to his house.