Hi, everyone!!
I have been looking forward to today for weeks. Why? Because it’s Overnight Camp. Our first chance to get to know each others more 🙂

I met George at 9:30 opposite of Bon Marché. We took taxi then bts to the hotel. I looked the place up in the internet, and it said that we could walk from the hotel to Sub Zero ice skate rink too. George decided we should try that, so we got out of bts at Ekamai station instead of Phra Kanong and it works 🙂

George and I were coming early because we had to meet Didi, Bangpan, Proud, and Topaz at 11:00. George wanted talk to the older kids about taking care of the younger ones. So we went for brunch at W district, near BTS Phra Kanong. Then we come back to let everyone put their bags in to the rooms, have a little talk about our rules here and in the U.S., then we went straight to Sub Zero. Meanwhile, I orderes pizza for us to eat there, too.

At Sub Zero, we had a little problem with the receptionists. They seemed like they didn’t know we were coming, despite our reservation. But we managed to get the table in short time (actually it’s George who did it). Then the pizza came and we ate them for a while. Then we went into the rink. The kids are quite good at ice skating. They struggled at first, holding thr rails all the way round for a while, then most of them enjoyed their time in the rink. What amazed me is that the younger kids (Poon, Jedi, and Im) are really good at skating, while the older boys (Topaz, Extra, Ultra, and Oui) spent some time walking around with the penguins to help them keep balance. Green was very afraid of ice skating. She kept sitting with me most of the time, but in the end George made her played again, and she did very well 🙂

We were having good time at the ice skate rink. Unfortunately, Bangpan fell off and she couldn’t continue. George and the guards took her to the first aid room, and I hadn’t seen her again until it’s time we had to leave. I stayed with Bangpan, waiting for her parents to bring her back because she couldn’t walk. Then after they arrived I ran back to the hotel to grab her stuff at the hotel and we all meet her at Tom n Toms. I found out later that her ankle is broken. I hope she will be fine soon.

We spent our entire evening at Tom n Toms. I taught them all to blog on pudgimelon.com, and Didi, Proud, and Topaz helped me, too. We had some problems with the website at first, but we could get everyone to post their blogs at last. Then they all were playing games, and I was taking photos and videos. We had a really good time today.
Tomorrow we all have to get up a bit early because parents will pick the kids home in the morning, and we will meet again in a short time at the airport. We are about to leave Thailand in about 2 weeks!!
I will blog again soon
See you 🙂