Today we woke up at 7.00 in the morning for going to see bestball today then we have cereal for breakfast.We get in car around 8.15 am. and go to met our friends and buddy.My buddy also go with us today. We we arrive car park they are many people who already arrived and waiting for other.Then we get in bus. Me, bam, prae, muk,and pokpong are sit toghetter.On the way we play cards.When we arrive we have some foods.They have many kind of foods and drink like snacks, rice crispy, cookies, and more.Then we play america football.After that we have a group picture then get in it.It was big.We don’t understan how they play or rule.So we watch and see how they play.Today they loose.After the game finish we also have another group picture in front of the stadium.Then we back.We have a hamburger for dinner then we will go to bed.Because tomorrow have school again.