Today i woke up around 8am in the morning and today we have waffle and scramber egg.Yesterday jadian’s nephew elan come ond over night at jadian house.So i move my suitcase and sleep at bam room.And today ted jadian’s dad drive me to the apartment with jadian and julie jadian’s mom also come but another car.Then we weigh the bag and put the over weigh in another bag.Then we say goodbye to our host and then we go to chicago.We have nutket and french fries for lunch.We stay at holiday inn we met nemo’s mom and bam’s mom. Then we take train and go to lake about 30 mins then we went to eat pizza.After that we went to sky deck ledge it has 103 floor.We take a photo together and a photo of our selves.After that we go back to hotle.While we on the way back we play cards in train and wtite blog.Then we take a bath and sleep.Today is the last day that nemo and bam will stay togrther then they will go with their mom and go to canada TT.Prea will also go with her mom tomorrow.