Yesterday was a good day. I tried to played handball with them but I couldn’t. Then I went to ESL class and I had to read book with chinese boy. I don’t know his name. His name sound like Johnna or something. He’s very creepy when he read book he was hurting himself with pencil and punch himself. When I told him that he read that word wrong he will do that. Then I was helped him how to say the words like that and I felt like I was a teacher. Then at lunch there was not enough room for everyone so we have to squeeze and ate lunch like that. Afternoon there is English class and the teacher let Gifted and I did a pretest so I think I will do it bad but guess what??! I got just 3 wrong that was awesome!!! I really happy. After school I took a quick nap cause I was SO TIRED I ALWAYS WAKE UP ON 3AM WHAT SHOULD I DOOooooO. Oh I have a boyI like but I’m not gonna tell you cause he is a mystery boy..
Today I woke up at 6:30 I felt very cold cause yesterday it was rain and snow. At school I never get bored cause I always draw pictures and I really happy. Today we played softball and it was very fun. There was a creepy guy did something and it was so funny. I met a mystery boy and he is so cute. At lunch I have to ate another desk cause it not fit us anymore so I realize to ate in another desk. I really have fun at this school .