Today I went to On-nut to meet Pat , teacher George , and my new friend that will go to America together . Today we have som programes for prepare for going to America . Our group has eighteen students , Pat , and teacher George . First we went to Zub-zero club in Akmai to play ice skate .  We went there by BTS . We played ice skate for two hours . First I can’t pay it because I have never been played it before but when I play it about an hour I can play it easier than the first time . At the end we ate pizza together . Then we went to Harbin Ice Wonderland in Bang-na . Pat said its environment in the Harbin Ice Wonderland same as  Wisconsin’s environment very much . It’s very cold inside . It’s about -15 degree celsius in there . Then we came back to hotel and went out to have a dinner in MK reaturant . In evening we have a fun game made by teacher George . It’s separated into three groups and my group got the coolest group’s name . It is “Plakaow and Friends” which is my name . And this is all I do today .