Today I woke up late because I have class at 9:54 so I went ti school luke 9:30. Today have a lot of snow I think this is SPRING it should be warm not cold this year very unusual. However I still like snow it fluffy and pretty. Most people here was hate snow I think they must bored about snow. After school I got a headache so I slept like an hour then I heard mum scream and I heard everyone scream about mouse and I thought that should I grab my wood comb. Then I came down it already done. Olivia saus mouse was in a drain and start to sink or something and I was scared of drain little bit. Now it outside in the snow I think it will die. Then we ate Spagetti and went to music festival. They got an EXCELLENT so mum and dad took us to ate some ice cream but I ate burger cause it very cold and I also forgot my jacket. I was wore just bra,shirt and sweater and it was -5C without jacket. It’s my new experience. I went outside and I felt like I was Elsa and sing LET IT GO. Yeah let it go I don’t need jacket I was Elsa. -5C is awesome I’m so brave.