Today is the first day of staying with my host for a whole day.First ,I woke up and took a shower.I prepared the gift from Thailand and gave it to my host family. and I ate monkey bread for my breakfast.It was delicious and I went to watch TV Until 10.50 ,we started to go to Host’s dad home and went to the Khoe to buy the dress for Olivia and we went to Save n Save to buy some stuff and went back home.I helped host to do the snack for the dinner it have Devil’s egg that I like the most.After that I started to unpack my stuff and watched movie again.When 5.00 ,Mom’s friends were started coming and joined the party.They were very friendly and one of her friends have stayed in Thailand for 10 years. Omg ^^After that , I watched Zootopia with Olivia and Moana and had dinner with it.and I planned to go to bed soon now ^^.GN 🌙🌙