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Yesterday my both shoulders hurt and that made me no power to do anything so last night Clara and I didn’t fighting or do anything together.So I just tried some lotion for cured my shoulders then I went to bed.

Today is Wednesday and we had to wear the UBI shirt but today I forgot it.That was OK because some students didn’t have the shirt.The bad thing was we had to take the bus today so I needed to wake up early.I woke up at 6:20 and around 6:55 Grace and the twins(Greta and Nora) came over for the bus.The bus came around 7 o’clock and we were at the school around 7:45.On the bus Emery,one of our classmates told us a joke then when he finished tell us a joke I said “Is that a joke” everyone was laughing at him,that true because it wasn’t funny.But today wasn’t same like everyday because they had English exam but the teacher didn’t want me yo stay in the room that they used for an exam.So I needed to go with Grace for couple class and the first class was Math then Science.After Science class Grace had to go downstairs for the exam so I went to Math class to find Clara then we went to Science class again.After lunch we continued the class and after that we had Gym Time.In Gym Time we played basketball but I couldn’t play it well because my shoulders still hurt.Then in Gym class we played “Kick Ball” but I didn’t know how to play so I played just 2 times then I out and just watched them play.The teacher and Grace tried to teach me but I still confusing.Next in Tech Ed class we continued do our project and now it will be done soon.So 3:05 school over and we took the bus home.We were at home around 3:35 and we watched the show “Dance Mom” until 4:30 we had supper.Then we watched the show “Kim of Queen” until 7:25 Clara and Cole left home.Then I watched the cartoon ” Teen Titans” until 6:55 I went outside to show my mom the snow.So we talked for 5 minutes then I played basketball.But I could play just 10 minutes then I had to stand still to warm up myself for 10 minutes then I could continued play it because my hands were freezing and when the ball hit my hands it would hurt.Then I went inside around 7:25 and watched the show “Survivors” with Michelle,my host mom.We watched for a while then around 7:30 Clara and Cole came back then at 8:30 the show was done.

Today the weather was colder and worse.In the morning there was snowing and in the afternoon too.There was no sunny today there was just snowing rain and windy.

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