Today is the first day of school after spring break .Today , a breakfast was cereal . Today we have to go to a church that next to school in the morning . Then we had regular classes . In the morning I studied Math , English , and literature . I studied about mark up and mark down in math . I had a preview exercise in English . I read the story name Animal Craftsman in the literature class . Then is a lunch time . Today the lunch is two pieces of pizza . Mom ordered it from school . After that is spelling class , I had a lot of homework in this class today . Next is history class . Then I went to a gym for P.E. class . We didn’t go outside because it’s too cold . We ran around the gym in P.E. class . Then we went back to classroom and prepare to go home . When the school end , I did a little bit of homework . Then I went to the gym . I went to play basketball in the gym . It’s very fun in this time because it had many people . Then we went home . A dinner was meatball sub and homemade french fireds . Then we sit in a family room for a while and go to store to buy root bear . Then when I came back , I did the English’s homework . Then I updated a blog .